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Victory equity construction

× underground utility contracting done right ×


Connecting the world, one utility at a time.

We specialize in providing underground utility contracting for commercial communications projects of all sizes.
With an entire fleet of directional boring and excavation equipment and a highly qualified staff of operators and laborers, we're ready to see your project through completion.  

We are committed to working safely, effectively and efficiently.

Since we started this business in 2000, the satisfaction of our clients has always been a source of tremendous pride for us here at VECI, and it's a quality we continue to deliver on all these years later.

VECI has a multitude of specialty certifications and experience available to complete your next job, including:
  •  Licensed, Bonded and Insured
  •  Licensed in Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota
  •  Certified Septic Installer by Missoula County Health Department
  •  Crane and Hoist Operator Program, Montana Department of Labor and Industry
  •  Licensed Master Plumber, Montana Board of Plumbers
  •  Certified Storm Water Management, Altitude Training Associates

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why  us?

×unparalleled service for utility construction×

Because we get it. 

We value and enjoy the bountiful recreational resources at our doorsteps. We love spending time with our families.
We love knowing that we've done a job well.  
And so do you.

You don't want to spend time worrying about your project any more than you need to.
Our extensive experience as Underground Utility Contractors means you can be sure that it gets
done right the first time. 


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we handle any size job

×we fit our services to your project×


Call us for a quote!

At Victory Equity Construction Inc, we don't just get a job done for you, we work with you.

Our rates vary depending on job size and requirements, please don't hesitate to give us a call and we can discuss what works best for you.

We specialize in utility contracting for commercial jobs of many sizes, tailoring our workforce, expertise and equipment to the size of your project.

Find out how VECI can provide the advice, quality, service and professional workmanship to help you get the job done on time.



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